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1st semester's project.

[my desk]
Lightwave\FPrime\Photoshop\After Effects.

Modeling, texturing, lighting, render,

color correction.

3rd Semester-interior lighting project.
[Kirito's room]

Maya 3D\MentalRay\Photoshop
Modeling, texturing, lighting, render, color correction.
It's not quite done, but I love the look it has so it stays for now.

3rd Semester- organic modeling project.
[Butterfly Dragon]

Maya 3D\Vray\Photoshop
Modeling, texturing, lighting, pose, render, color correction.
I call it the butterfly dragon, because thats the kind of look the reference files gave it.
Not quite finished as I gave up materials studying time in order to fit more animation.
I really wanted to make him shine. :(
He'll stay here until there's a newer and better project.

4th semester- organic modeling project. 

Maya 3D\Arnold\After Effects.
Modeling, texturing, lighting, pose, render.

Photoshop excercise for fun. Gogo Cinderella! :D

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